Our New General Manager!

We are so happy and excited to have hired our new General Manager for the Co-op, Patrick Neily.  Patrick has over 15 years of experience working at Food Co-op’s including his most recent role as General Manager of the Just Foods Co-op in Minnesota and previous to that as the Merchandising Programs Coordinator at the Hanover Food Co-op here in NH.  With his combined experience and amazing attitude we - as member owners - will see great things happen under Patrick's leadership over the next few years.  Patrick started his first day with us in February and we thought it would be great to introduce everyone to him here on our blog.  We asked Patrick to answer some questions about himself, take a read below and if you see him in the store, please be sure to say hello!  

Q: Why are you so excited about this opportunity?

A: So many reasons to be excited about this opportunity. This Co-op will be the first true 'conversion' start up, as well as one of the largest stores (by square feet) of any start up to date.  Also, it is so great bringing a co-op grocery to Southern NH!

Q: What is the ONE thing that you like best about Co-op’s?

A: The empowerment that it brings to the communities it serves- through shared ownership, social engagement through food and as a workplace of choice.

Q: What is your funniest co-op story?

A: My funniest story working for a co-op..... This is tough!  I guess I'd say that would be a combination of funny moments, where, as General Manager at my previous co-op I would challenge my staff to meet certain goals, with the reward being I would dress in costume at an upcoming event.  They USUALLY met the goals, but I always dressed up because they tried so hard!

Q: What would we find in your shopping cart each week?

A: The top 5 items I buy from my co-op are  lots of fresh, delicious produce; humanely raised eggs; local cheddar cheese; Stonyfield and Greek Gods yogurt; and pretty much any healthier snack that my children will tolerate!

Q: What brings you back to NH?

A: I was born, raised and lived in NH until late 2012 when my family and I took a journey to the mid-West for another Co-op.  There are so many great reasons to come back to NH- family, the mountains and lakes, and of course, southern NH's first food co-op!