We've Raised $100,000!

I am happy to report that our Capital Investment Campaign is in full swing and the response has been overwhelming!  We have raised $100,000 to date and mailing out Member Investment Packets is a full time job!  We are officially one month away from our deadline to secure the lease for the Harvest Market site; we can’t sign the dotted line without the necessary Capital from our Members.   Thank you for all the requests for packets - we know so many of you are currently reviewing them to make your personal decision: to buy shares or to loan?  That is the question. ;)   Thank you for considering this investment in your Co-op, and thereby in your agriculture, economy and community!!


We couldn’t build this Co-op without its Member-Owners - so now is a great time to thank a few key people.


First off, our volunteer callers! Your Co-op can’t thank you enough for all of the time you have been donating to call members and discuss Investment Campaign details:  


Terrie Bourque, Joanne Loughran, Barth Getto, Anthony Ferrara, Laurene Jacobs & Cathy Farly.  THANK YOU!  Your dedication to the cause and the Co-op is unwavering and we appreciate all of the time you have been donating to help bring these dreams to reality!


Secondly - let’s talk about that great BVI event from two weeks ago. WOW! Thank you to everyone who joined us but also let’s tip our hats with gratitude to our sponsors - this event didn’t cost the co-op a cent -- not a single penny - thanks to the generosity of the BVI for donating the space and the hospitality staff for the evening!   And our friends - especially Steve Friedman from 92.5 the River for providing the musical entertainment - MB Padfield was ahhh-mazing and even had some of our friends dancing on the dancefloor! YAY!!  We wish you all the best!  And last but not least - CGI Business Solutions for providing the wine tasting and the snacks for the night - YUM! We all got to sample some fantastic local wines that I must say - were delish! We even spotted the Candia Vineyards winemaker in the attendance (hehe we also caught him ripping up the dancefloor - how fun!!)  Nice to meet you Bob Dabrowski!


And THIRD - Thank you to YOU, our Member-Owners for believing in the mission - for investing in our future - and for supporting your board while we work as hard as we can to open our store.  It truly takes a village - and together we are creating some big change for our community and local economy.  Big huge enormous THANK YOU - to YOU & YOU & YOU ;-)  All of the investments that have been coming in are keeping us fired up and the momentum flowing upwards to our goal.  This week, calls will continue to all members.


Lastly, all board meetings have been suspended while we focus on calling and on the investment campaign. If you would like to help us make calls and conduct outreach please let us know, you can email us at info@manchesterfood.coop  AND to bypass a phone call and jump straight to investing - please email investments@manchesterfood.coop to request an investment packet for review.  


So, THANK YOU to everyone… and here’s to making something BIG happen ;-)  


Until next time,