Celebrating Our Progress!

Well here we are - July 5th. We have just completed the first six weeks of the Capital Investment Campaign and Big thanks to you, our amazing members, who have invested $160,000!!   Are you scratching your head and saying - well, why are you celebrating? I thought the goal was $1.5MILLION - well yes - that is STILL the goal - to bring you the best food co-op with all of the bells and whistles...and in order to do that we need additional volunteer assistance. But for today - let’s celebrate some exciting things that happened over the past two months.  

The Board and a small group of very, very dedicated volunteers (Terrie Bourque, Joanne Loughran, Barth Getto, Anthony Ferrara, Laurene Jacobs & Cathy Farly) have been working hard making calls out of the 1,400 that need to be made - that’s a lot of dialing, emailing, and following up for this fantastic group!!  BUT the good news to celebrate is that we are ON TRACK - our percent of calls to investments is spot-on for the world of co-ops at 30%.  So what does this tell us?   We are going to DO THIS... it is just going to take more time and more volunteers to assist with making calls, attending networking meetings and outreach events to spread the word. As we have said - many times over - it takes a village, but we need to get the communication out to the village so everyone knows how to play their part (wink wink).  This is the big big mountain we climb together to get our Co-op open, for everyone to enjoy the wonderful local food, community education and programs.   And Associated Grocers is granting us more time to complete our journey and look down upon the view from our mountain-top ;)

So what’s next … We are now actively recruiting more help - both volunteer help and Board help.  We have 5 open seats on the Board and each one needs to be filled - especially at this critical time when it’s all-hands-on-deck, our small team is not big enough.  We also need an army of volunteers to help with the capital campaign.  We are going to take a few weeks to regroup, recruit and train to form a larger tribe - and then it’s GAME ON and we will be back to calling everyone who has not been contacted yet - attending more networking meetings and spreading the word.

NOW IS THE TIME to get involved to help us see this through, please email havella@manchesterfood.coop for more information and to hop on the boat to opening our doors!