Your board of directors, project manager, and general manager are thrilled to announce that the time for Member-Owners to help take the final steps to opening the doors of our co-op is here!

Our co-op will be a welcoming space for the community to gather around a diverse selection of local, organic, and high quality foods. And when you walk in, it won’t be just another store; it will be OUR store!

To get there though, we need your help. We need to raise $750,000 in Member-Owner capital by September 30th so we can cover renovation and startup costs, as well as provide working capital to give us financial stability. 

By joining the MFC, you have already been a huge part of our success and growth, and we thank you for that!  Now, we need your support in another way. In order for us to meet our target average investment of $5,000 and be fully capitalized, we will need Member-Owners to invest or loan $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 or even more. We hope you will be one of those Member-Owners!

There are two options for financially supporting your co-op:
Preferred Shares and Member Loans

The goal of raising $750,000 by September 30th is challenging, but with your help we know we can achieve it. In the next few weeks we’ll be calling all Member-Owners to discuss your interest in our campaign. If you are interested in investing or loaning NOW, or would like a detailed Member Investment Packet, please email or call our Project Manager, Patrick Neilly. | 603-305-6340


Penelopea can't spread the word about our mission all by herself! We need community support from folks like you who care about our food, our families, and our co-op! We have opportunities to help with our Capital Investment Campaign calls. We are calling each and every Member-Owner about the investment opportunities and can really use more help! Interested in getting involved? Email us! 

Check out what other start-up and established food co-ops are up to with their Capital Campaigns!  Member investment is the tried and true model to fund a co-op and there are plenty of national success stories to share.