Meet Sarah-Marie Cole

Background: Experiential Marketing / Brand Management / Marketing Expert
MegaFood / Lindt Chocolate / Dyn / Gigunda Group
Why: Because our local economy is the heartbeat of our community - and we need to raise the bar in Manchester!

Meet Carla Ferrara


Meet Heather avella

Background: PR Newswire Media Relations / Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Sales / YMCA Fitness Instructor / R.D. half complete...until Co-op took over life! / Proud mother of two boys, 6 & 8 / Married to hight school sweetheart Damon
Why: This co-op has taught me the strength of community and literally changed the way I THINK! Now that’s powerful.
Background: Engineer, Health & Wellness Educator and Coach, Personal Trainer, NH Natural Resources Volunteer
Why: I want the MFC to be an integral part of the local food movement, strengthening the health of all in our community in many ways.

meet steve freeman


meet diane yanzo

Background: Diane is a certified holistic health coach and yoga teacher with a passion for all things healthy! At the end of 2009 she left her 15+ year career in corporate accounting as a CPA to pursue a career that was based in being of service and for purpose. She’s maintained her CPA and is excited to bring this skill set to the board.
Why: Passion for health, Truth, Real Food, Farms, Community...The Manchester Food Coop is a PERFECT fit for Diane to be of service in a way that ties together her passion with her experience.

meet brad holt

Background: Lifelong resident in Manchester. Architecture, Builder, Chef, Designer, Engineer, Freeman.
Why: I value my health, the health and vitality of good people around me and the power to change and improve the health of the community we are, and year round access to the best local food in one awesome place for the rest of our lives!

meet cait reagan

Background: Owner and editor of Edible New Hampshire Magazine, supports fostering meaningful conversation about the state of our local food systems in order to facilitate growth in farming, food, and community.
Why: A Co-Op in Manchester means that NH local food is GROWING! It’s an amazing centerpiece for connecting this community!

meet diana vachon

Background: Manchester resident for 35 years and counting, longtime disability rights advocate, Tax Preparer, Vending Manager, Volunteer.
Why: Because a Food Co-op that sells locally produced food, beer, wine, etc. will help sustain the local economy. The Food Co-op will also help educate the community about healthy living.
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Background: Worked as a Special Educator and Behavior Therapist for teenagers and children with behavioral and emotional disabilities. She is currently a stay-at-home Mom.
Why: Bringing local, quality food to our community is SO important for our health and local economy. It is time to get back to REAL food and the co-op is a huge step in that direction!