I support the Manchester Food Co-op because it is more than a great community investment, it is a commitment to local connection and healthy living. Food co-ops are proven engines of impact, sourcing more products locally, offering more organic produce, recycling more plastic, and creating more jobs than conventional grocers! For every $1,000 spent at a food co-op, $1,600 goes directly back to the local economy; for every $1 million in sales, 9.3 jobs are created. I share the mission and the vision of the Manchester Food Co-op. As an investor and member-owner, I am supporting our local agriculture, community and economy now and in the future.
— Howard Brodsky, Co-Founder, Chairman, and Co-Chief Executive Officer, CCA Global Partners MFC Investor and Member-Owner #10, Manchester
Marc and I want to support the Manchester Food Coop because we feel it is important that we are able to have a place to get locally grown and sourced food and products. We like knowing that the money we are spending is going to stay in New Hampshire and help farmers and others in the state grow their businesses in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. The connection to our local community is very important to us. If we were able to, we would choose to support the Coop at the C Share level, but we are very happy to be able to support the Coop at the B Share level.
— Terrie & Marc Bourque, MFC Investor and Member-Owner #240, Goffstown